Supporting Idaho’s Future Physicians

The Primary Care Initiative (PCI) is going straight to the source to encourage new doctors to set up practices in rural Idaho. By funding scholarships for medical students planning on going into primary care, we can help both rural communities and the future physicians who often leave school with crushing debt.


of medical school students graduate with debt, and the median debt in 2019 was $200,000.

Source: Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

Finances are a factor for medical students. We take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans in order to attend medical school, so having this financial support is vital. Dr. Sarah Downs Alumna of ICOM's Class of 2022

Student Scholarships

To help ICOM attract the finest students with interest in primary care, the Primary Care Initiative seeks to recognize and award scholarships to ICOM Student Doctors who demonstrate outstanding character, academic excellence, financial need, and a sincere interest and commitment to practicing primary care in rural Idaho.

Annually, the following scholarships will be awarded to ICOM Student Doctors:

Austin Jenkins Scholarship

MacKenzie Gerszewski Scholarship

Primary Care Rural Health Scholarship

Scholarship Application Template